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Gen Li



Trinity Laban is a place where all the musicians should go if they can, because in Trinity Laban the environment is very positive. The staff are extremely helpful…everyone is very friendly and supportive and the facilities are brilliant.

gen li

I think the other piano professors are also like that, because in every class I went to, the professors were very helpful for developing your own style, and they give you respect for what you are working on; they don’t try to change your technique, or interrupt your technique. So I’ve kept my own style very well, as well as fixing the things that could have been improved. I think that’s very important to us as pianists.

Chamber music in Trinity Laban is also a very important part – it plays an important role in every department. As pianists we can choose to work with other pianists, in four hands or piano duet, or we can work with other instrumentalists. I did my chamber music with my wife Lilia – she is a flautist, also a pianist. We worked together on some piano repertoire and some flute repertoire – flute/piano and piano/piano. My teacher Deniz was very helpful as she is also a very famous chamber musician. Also, I went to other chamber music classes; we sign up on a sheet and play every Tuesday to receive ideas from chamber music coaches. This is very important because in the international competitions, in the semi-final round, they always require chamber music works to be played. I think Trinity Laban has given a lot of help for that. Every time I went to international competitions I wasn’t scared about the chamber music because we practise that a lot.

I think Trinity Laban is a place where all the musicians should go if they can because in Trinity Laban the environment is very positive, and the staff extremely helpful; no-one is cold or unfriendly, everyone is very friendly and supportive and the facilities are brilliant; you can practise for hours and hours on the things you are trying to work on. The academic environment and the teaching levels are superb.

I think this is the most important time in my life and career. I would say since coming into Trinity Laban my career has developed so I can’t believe it! So I would say yes, if you can go to Trinity Laban, don’t miss it.


Student Testimonial - Gen Li