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Jack Philp

Dance Artist


…the wildest, most exciting, challenging and sweaty time you'll ever have in your life!

Jack Philp

I guess for me, in terms of improving as a dancer, my experience has been about seeing myself develop and grow and how my ideas have changed about dance and about myself over the past three years. It has been so enriching and I’ve been fuelled so much by the staff and the course. Aside from improving technically, gaining performance experience and developing my questioning in creative practice, as a person it’s left me feeling like I can continue to develop myself not only as a dancer but as an artist.

My favourite performance experience would be the Historical Projects module, which culminated in a performance in the Laban Theatre. During the process we worked on re-staging work by four professional choreographers and the calibre of the whole show was incredible to see and be a part of. I was working with Wayne McGregor and Random Dance on their work Entity. It was an amazing experience to take class with them and learn the rep, it challenged me as a dancer and will stay with me as one of my favourite moments in dance.

To have an intensive period working with the musicians during CoLab is something I have really enjoyed doing. I love music and sound, and I find it feeds my own choreographic work a lot outside. So to indulge in that was really beneficial. In my first year I was part of a project working with singers of Gregorian chant, and in my second year I ran a project collaborating with baroque musicians. It gave me an opportunity to work with such a wealth of sound, and sparked ideas and motivationswhich I continued to explore in my own time.

Sharing the studios with such an international crowd is great for experiencing different cultures. Each individual from each country brings their own cultural interests in dance, which has been great to share in. Meeting a number of different people has also opened my eyes to broadening my networks. It’s allowed me to equip myself with the knowledge of where I want to steer my career, and has also given me a zest to chase work and opportunities, both inside the school and outside. As I’m edging closer to graduation I’ve recently formed a company of my own, which I hope to grow and develop the best I can. All of these ideas have been inspired by the abundance of energy, ideas and contributions from the diverse circle of people that I’m fortunate enough to have met.

The best thing about being surrounded by the city is the energy it provides. There has always been something going on – art exhibitions, music events, dance performances – and as a result it’s impossible to ever be bored. It has really supported the work I did as part of my studies and contributed to everything I looked to develop during my time here. It’s fun, it’s alive and it’s energised and above all made me realise how much is out there to grab.

Living in McMillan student halls in first year was great as you’re surrounded by new people. It was really exciting to make new friends and also be so close to the Laban Building! It was a great way to start feeling settled in a new place and I’d recommend staying to anyone starting – you’ll be sure to have a great laugh!

Overall, I think the only thing that’s left which I would like to say would be, thank you. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in teaching me and supporting me during my three years with you. The programme has been overwhelmingly rich and I can’t quite believe that I’m coming to the end of my three years. It’s flown by, and I’m incredibly grateful to have been a part of it.

Overall, I’d describe my Trinity Laban experience as probably the wildest, most exciting, challenging and sweaty time you’ll ever have in your life!