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John Sturt



Time never stands still at Trinity Laban: there is always a new project coming your way, often out of the blue…

John Sturt

Being with so many musicians, I’ve been able to improve my confidence in writing for them. And working alongside so many different composers, I get to see the length and breadth of how they would do their own thing, which gives me strength to pursue my own voice. My composition teacher, Dr Deirdre Gribbin, has helped me expand my voice and develop my technique, which gives me an exponential rise in the variety of my musical ideas.

I’ve had many great performance experiences with Trinity, from Chamber Choir concerts to somewhat smaller performances. I must say, however, that the one performance that stands out for me was that of Stephen Montague’s Requiem (entitled “The Trumpets sounded, calling them to the other side”) in St John Smith’s Square, where I was a percussionist playing (I kid you not) an Air Horn. It was a unique episode in my orchestral playing, and I was very proud to have played a masterpiece of that magnitude in such a glorious space.

Trinity Laban’s diversity gives it a fantastic atmosphere: new friends from all corners of the globe, and a wonderful perspective that could only be gained through international collaboration. In terms of studies, it has expanded them in ways I have not yet hitherto predicted when I applied for Trinity Laban, and am ever grateful for all I have learned and will learn in the future.

The campus and its immediate surrounding environment is very inspiring and gives one a sense of the energy created in such an international city. As a fan of history, it feels great to be studying in a place which has so much of an historical and artistic background to it. Living in the Student Village means that I am near many of my friends, which is very important to oneself on this journey, and a short distance away from Trinity Laban itself and the local amenities.

The composition department here is very open-minded, and looks towards the future, both practically and artistically. It is rewarding to be in such an environment, in a personal, social, and creative sense.

I would sum up my time at Trinity Laban as the most international, challenging, and rewarding adventure I have ever embarked upon.