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Jon Frank

French Horn


[During CoLab] we get to collaborate with people that we wouldn’t normally work with – I’m a classical musician, but over my four years at Trinity Laban I’ve worked with jazz musicians, dancers from the dance faculty, singers… It’s actually amazing what you can learn from these different disciplines; it’s been a really valuable experience for me.

Jon Frank

As an artist I feel like my perspective on music has been widened a lot. I came into Trinity Laban with quite a narrow range of tastes; I knew what I liked, I knew what I didn’t like. Just spending four years surrounded by not just the music I like, but music that all my peers like; music that students have written; all these different sorts of things have really broadened my horizons and I’ve come out of it, I think, a lot more appreciative of the different styles.

Jon Frank - Student Testimonial