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Rebecca Journo

Dance Artist


This institution lets make your own artistic decisions, and grow in your own way… I now feel ready to throw myself into the professional world.

Rebecca Journo

The best thing about CoLab was meeting great musicians. It was the first chance to really instantly create a piece with musicians, finding this strong link between movement and sounds. Since the Colab experience, I have been collaborating with musicians.

I had the chance to do an Erasmus exchange during my second year, when for six months I went to the CNSM of Dance in Lyon. The experience was really challenging. Being a foreign student in Trinity Laban, it was first of all the opportunity to adapt myself, again, to a totally new environment. I had the chance to meet plenty of other students, which is important in terms of networking, and I worked with talented and amazing teachers. I grew a lot from it: it definitely enhanced my capacity to exchange and adapt which are essential skills for creative practices. I am grateful that Trinity Laban allowed me to go and discover another education, that has been quite complementary and very nourishing as a human experience.