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Saara Hurme

Dance Artist


The teachers demand a lot, because they know that you can do better.

Saara Hurme

I think it’s always valuable to be in places where people from different backgrounds and cultures merge. I think the collaboration becomes even more fruitful with an international group. There’s a lot we can learn from each other. For me, coming from Finland, which as a country has a much smaller population than in London alone, it’s very refreshing to meet so many new people within the field of contemporary dance and be confronted with different ways of thinking.

The school’s location is very nice, because if you live in the area, you can avoid commuting in the city centre during peak hours. London obviously has a great deal of events going on all the time, so it’s never boring here!

It’s a good benefit to have physiotherapists and massage therapists at the Laban Building, easily accessible even during school days and on moderate prices. I have received help for injuries that I have been trying to cope with for years.