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Sam Jewison

Tenor / Conductor


I believe it is Trinity Laban's ability to embrace all the musical facets of an individual, which make it a conservatoire for the twenty-first century.

Sam Jewison

Studying at Trinity Laban, I feel I have a good balance between practical training and academic study. Trinity Laban’s equal weighting of these two elements played a large part in my acceptance of the offer. Both the practical and academic aspects of the course have served each other well since I began study, and have allowed me to grow into a more informed performer. In a different light, being immersed in a dynamic and creative community is enough to motivate any musician to improve – constantly self-evaluating and seeking the advice of teachers and colleagues. Trinity Laban excels in this respect, with an attitude that challenges students to reach their best, within its supportive environment.

A major performance highlight was singing in a concert celebrating Judith Weir’s installation as Master of the Queen’s Music, as part of the college Chamber Choir, under Stephen Jackson. Singing in the candlelit surroundings of the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at The Globe was thrilling, with an atmosphere of warm intimacy that was a pleasure to perform in.

CoLab allowed me to turn my attention away from my principal study of classical singing and towards other areas of interest. For instance, last year my love of jazz was employed in the ‘Jazz Cabaret’ project. This was a wonderful experience as it allowed me to utilise my out-of-college experience in performing jazz and discover similar passions for the genre within fellow students, forming friendships from it.

Studying amongst international students enriches the experience of conservatoire study. It is particularly useful as a singer, with the presence of native foreign language speakers providing essential help with pronunciation. More broadly, the college becomes a cultural melting pot because of the integral role foreign student’s play: particularly in terms of performance practice and welcoming different national schools of musical approach.

Being on the doorstep on what is, arguably, the cultural capital of the world brings daily inspiration to my study at Trinity Laban. The benefits of living in London are rich and rewarding for any aspiring musician, with the world-class orchestral concerts, recitals and operas serving as a benchmark. Even greater is the connection with these creative arenas, through the Trinity Laban teaching staff who regularly perform in the capital. Yet London’s galleries and museums, in addition to the beautiful natural and architectural sights, serve to broaden one’s view of the wider world. Trinity Laban is well placed in this respect, inhabiting the most beguiling conservatoire campus, which I would challenge anyone not to be overwhelmed by.

I lived in the McMillan Student Village during my first year and found its close proximity to the Trinity Laban campuses very useful, making settling in to life in London easy. Also, living amongst students from all departments and faculties was key in making friendships that wouldn’t have occurred otherwise.

I have particularly enjoyed serving in representational roles at Trinity Laban, for my department and programme, as well as working as a Student Ambassador. From this work, I can see quite how seriously the college takes the student voice – striving to act on all suggestions in the best possible way. Additionally, the plethora of engagements I have attended as part of the Student Ambassador scheme has been wonderful, especially when meeting alumni, former teachers and supporters of the college. One such instance stands out when, after spending an afternoon with a former teacher at the 2014 TCM veterans lunch, she kindly wrote a letter to the college stating that it was the first time she felt fully welcome at King Charles Court – I feel touched that I was a part of reconnecting her with the college.

My study at Trinity Laban has presented an embarrassment of riches: a quality musical education and training that is second to none, with an abundance of performance opportunities that continue to prepare me fully for the profession.