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Steve Street

Double Bassist


Being here has exposed me to things I wouldn't have been able to teach myself or find out myself. It has also instilled a work ethic which will last me my career. Now at the start of my career, I have a secure grounding in technique and tradition.

Steve Street

My performance highlights have been playing for the queen – although it was very wet! – and travelling to Krakow in Poland for the K12 project.

In a diverse, international community every person you meet knows something you don’t, so the more people from different backgrounds the better. Different culture creates interest, and variety is the spice of life. I now have friends from many different parts of the world, which can only be a benefit to me.

Living in McMillan Halls was an essential part of growing up, moving out, and the university experience. My flat was a great flat, there was a good blend of personalities, we all got along and enjoyed each others’ company. It was a brilliant idea to mix musicians with dancers otherwise I wouldn’t have had any interaction with them. I have stayed ‘best’ friends with people there and have been to their dance events. We have been part of each others’ social life ever since.

I’ve enjoyed so many things. It has been brilliant to work with Diego Masson, Howard Williams, Martin Andre. The fact I have been able to study effectively two courses and had access to everything that happens in the jazz department. The amazing masterclasses that they have, the knowledge I have been exposed to, jazz combos I have taken part in. This was an important part of my choice as I have been able to acquire the wide variety of skills that I have desired.

All in all, my time at Trinity Laban has been one hell of a ride!