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Students should allow £17,500 – £28,500 per year for accommodation and living expenses.

It is a good idea to budget in advance of starting your studies. If students are in Financial Hardship they should contact Student Services by emailing


Below are average weekly, monthly and yearly amounts for housing and living expenses (updated as of April 2023): Costs are calaculated for an academic year (44 weeks per year) apart from rent for private accommodation. Most private rental accommodation contracts will be for 52 weeks a year.

Students spend varying amounts on accommodation and living expenses. We cannot say exactly how much money each student needs while studying at Trinity Laban. Students have different expectations, needs and budgeting styles – this information should be used as a guide to create your own budget. You should carry out your own research and shop around for prices most appropriate to your financial situation.

The figures given are average ranges of spending for one person. Student Services can provide advice and support with budgeting or financial hardship, please contact a student adviser for support (email

We have included essential and non-essential costs in the budget below. When budgeting it is important to be realistic and understand all your costs.  Students should bear in mind additional costs they will incur by moving to London, these are listed under “other costs to consider when plannning your budget”.


Housing Costs Weekly Average Monthly Average
Accommodation (Private – South East London) £206-£253 £893 – £1096
Accommodation (Student accommodation – based on local rates) £206- £379 £893 – £1642

Yearly Private accommodation budget (52 weeks): £10,712 – £13,156
Yearly Student accommodation budget (44 weeks):  £9064 – £16,676


Household costs (utilities, clothes, subscriptions) Weekly Average Monthly Average
Utilities (gas, electric, water – private accommodation only) £14 £60
General bills : internet & phone £15 £66
Food (including takeaways and dining out) £48 – £72 £208 – £312
Household goods and miscellaneous (cleaning products and sundries) £13 – £25 £56 – £108
Subscriptions (Netflix, Spotify, apps, gym, tv licence or other services) £12 – £17 £52 – £73

Yearly household costs (44 weeks): £4,488 – £6,292



Looking after yourself Weekly Average Monthly Average
Medical Costs (dentist, glasses, prescriptions) £1- £3 £4- £13
Clothing £9 £39
Private Health Insurance (e.g. BHSF) £3 £13
Gym membership £9 £40
Socialising and entertainment (pub, coffee, cinema, theatre etc.) £25-£50 £108 -£201
Misc. costs (haircuts, gifts/cards, emergencies etc.) £4-£6 £17 – £22

Yearly looking after yourself cost (44 weeks): £2,244 – £3,520



Course & Travel costs Weekly Average Monthly Average
Course costs (books, stationery, instrument maintenance, reeds…) £12- £20 £52 – £86
Instrument Insurance and or Health insurance (BHSF) £1-£3 £44- £13
Travel and Transportation (including railcards or coach cards) £26 £113

 Yearly course and travel costs (44 weeks): £1,716 – £2,156


Other costs to consider when planning your budget:

  • tuition fees
  • bed linen and bedding, crockery, cutlery, etc. (if renting)
  • renters or contents insurance
  • for students who require a VISA national countries – police registration (£34), VISA renewal (from £490) and the Health Surcharge (£470 per year)
  • travel to/from non-term time address e.g. flights, train, ferry and transfers
  • External events or other opportunities (intensives, courses etc.)
  • dietary requirements
  • digital technologies and software (e.g. laptop or tablet)
  • Clothing specific to training (see Dance student kit list or Musical Theatre student kit list)


If you would like help working out your budget for the academic year, please speak to a Student Adviser.

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