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In partnership with the North Kent Local Authorities Arts partnership (NKLAAP), Laban released a report in 2009 on the findings of an innovative participatory research project dance 4 your life. The study examined the physical and psychological impact of dance on young women aged 14 and took place in schools across North Kent. It offered students the opportunity to take part in dynamic and fun dance classes, and also enabled vital research into the specific benefits of dance.

The study found:
• A statistically significant improvement in levels of self esteem among students who had taken part in dance classes

• Clear benefits of dance on physical health, with statistically significant improvements in aerobic capacity and upper body strength among participants

• Teenage girls are receptive and positive towards dance as a physical activity, even at an age when statistics show many begin to drop out of physical activities

• Intrinsic motivation levels among the participants were above average before the dance classes began, and these high levels were maintained

Download the Dance 4 Your Life Launch Report
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