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The screening and profiling programme has helped identify those students who are most ‘at risk’ of sustaining an injury while undertaking full time dance training. The main aim is to enable dancers to be supported during the early stages of their training with supplementary conditioning programmes and advice about how to work in class. In broader terms, the programme is also providing baseline data for research purposes about the physical and psychological status of our students and of the effect of Trinity Laban’s current 3 year professional dance training.


In summary, the aims of the screening programme research are;

• To identify students who are most ‘at risk’ of injury and work with these students in a preventative rather than remedial manner.

• To examine physiological, biomechanical and psychological information about students and observe the effect of the 3 year training programme on these areas.

• To determine the interactive relationship between biomechanical, physiological and psychological factors relevant to dance performance and better understand the ‘whole’ dancer.


Trinity Laban also offers screening packages to professional dancers and performers training externally. Find out more information on our professional screening packages here.