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Trinity Laban’s educational workshops run parallel to One Dance UK’s Healthier Dancer Programme’s Talks, which form a key part of the educational work of the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science. Workshops booked 3 months in advance receive a 10% booking discount. Email dancescience@trinitylaban.ac.uk to find out more.

Talks will provide an overview of major topics in dancers’ health, from fitness, nutrition, psychology, and safe dance practice to overtraining and hypermobility in dance. Workshops have been prepared with today’s dancer in mind and will include both theoretical and practical elements.

If you are looking for a talk that is not listed on the menu or you would like to create a bespoke workshop, please feel free to contact us.


Workshops For Dancers:

  • Introducing healthy dance practice
  • Perfectionism
  • Confidence and anxiety
  • The psychology of injury
  • Psychology and performance preparation
  • Dancers’ physical differences
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Rest and overtraining
  • Warming up and cooling down
  • Theory and practice in interval and circuit training
  • Dance specific conditioning: Floorwork and partnering


Workshops For Teachers:

  • Empowering Dance in association with The University of Birmingham
  • Managing adolescence
  • Dancers’ physical differences
  • Hypermobility
  • Eating disorders
  • Fitness training
  • Fitness testing
  • Schedule for success
  • Preventing overtraining
  • Safe dance practice*

* The Safe in Dance International Healthy Dance Practice Certificate (HDPC) has been developed and written by international leaders in healthy dance practice and is endorsed by the Council for Dance Education and Training to award 60 hours of CPD through independent study. It evidences knowledge in the key areas of safe dance practice that are essential for dance teachers working in all dance genres and settings. The cost of taking the Healthy Dance Practice Certificate is £150.  

Each of these broad topics can be tailored to your needs. Sessions can be delivered to professional performance groups or performers in training and can also act as continued professional development for teachers, choreographers, and/or directors.  The workshops can be delivered on-site at Trinity Laban or in your own studio or place of work. Sessions are highly interactive and applied in nature, encouraging your full participation in applying acquired knowledge to your practice.

We are enthusiastic about the benefits Dance Science can provide to improve training methods, enhance performance and exchange knowledge that helps you dance longer, dance stronger and keeps you on the stage.

“A lot of our company members are now in their thirties and thinking about how they may have done it differently. Thinking about different career paths. What I think is wonderful is that the majority of them want to talk to the next generation about things perhaps they didn’t do right first time around.” – Managing Director

We are working closely with NIDMS partner One Dance UK in the provision of these educational workshops. 



One topic (1.5 hours) £150
Two topics, Half day (3 hours) £300
One module (3 sessions across time) £405
Four topics (full 6-hour day) £500


Trinity Laban is a Partner of:

National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science


Contact Dance Science 

Please contact us at dancescience@trinitylaban.ac.uk