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Every year, applicants tell us that they enjoy auditioning at Trinity Laban.

Our undergraduate audition process provides us with the opportunity to discover your potential as a dance artist. We are keen to find out about your passion for and curiosity in Contemporary Dance. We welcome applications from all backgrounds in dance and we audition all applicants.  The audition will enable you to demonstrate a range of your skills, creative approaches and experiences so that we can assess your suitability for our undergraduate programmes.

Applications for 2024 entry are open

Please submit an application via UCAS Conservatoires for one of the following programmes

BA (Hons) Contemporary Dance

BA (Hons) Contemporary Dance with Foundation Year

BA (Hons) Contemporary Dance with International Foundation Year

You only need to apply for your preferred programme (foundation or degree level) and audition in person or by sending a recording.

Please note that there is no audition fee for these programmes. You will only need to pay the UCAS Conservatoires administration fee of £27.50.

Undergraduate Audition Dates for 2024 Entry

In person auditions will take place at Laban Building, London, on the following dates:

March: Thursday 14

For more information please contact

Recorded Auditions

Once you have submitted your application via UCAS Conservatoires, you should submit your recorded audition on Embark.

You should include 3 videos: 1) your Creative Task, 2) Contemporary Technique 1 exercises, and 3) either Contemporary Technique 2, Ballet or Hip Hop exercises.

For both the ballet and contemporary exercises accompanying music of a similar tempo to that played in the video may be used or the exercises may be filmed in silence.

You can find more information and FAQ about recorded auditions on the video at the end.

Creative Work

The creative task is to devise and film your performance of a 1-minute solo illustrating your individual response to the tasks explored in the video. The solo should be performed in silence.

Contemporary Dance Techniques

Contemporary Technique 1

Please film yourself front-facing for all the exercises.

Contemporary Technique 2

You will see alternative orientations for the contemporary technique 2 exercises. Please film yourself in both front-facing and side-facing positions for the first two exercises and in a front-facing position only for the third exercise.


You will see three ballet exercises demonstrated both from a front-facing and a back-facing perspective. Please film yourself executing these exercises in a front-facing position only (the back-facing demonstration is there to help you learn the exercises).

Hip Hop

Please film yourself executing these exercises in a front-facing position.


Criteria for Assessment of Applicants

  • physical skills and facility
  • movement memory / capacity to pick up the recorded material
  • spatial awareness / musicality
  • level of engagement
  • range of movement qualities / dynamics
  • presence
  • response to tasks
  • creative choices

Criteria for Assessment in the Interview 

  • evidence of a serious commitment to dance study leading to vocational opportunities
  • a positive attitude to the opportunities and demands of the dance training offered on the programme
  • enthusiasm and interest in dance practices

Possible areas you may be asked to talk about

  • Your dance background
  • Your reasons for applying
  • Your future aspirations as a dance artist
  • Your experience of the audition process
  • Reflect on your response to the creative task

Please watch the video below for more information and advice on recorded auditions.

For more information please contact us at

Six dancers all holding on to each other in motion