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Funded by the Greenwich Charitable Trust

Our Singing for Lung Health group was for Greenwich residents living with long term lung conditions

Who was this group aimed at?

This singing group was aimed at people living in Greenwich with a long-term lung condition such as COPD, asthma or pulmonary fibrosis. Participants may have finished a pulmonary rehab course or were looking for an alternative way to manage their breathing day to day. They did not need any musical ability to join the group and all levels of experience were welcome.

What happened in a typical singing for lung health session?

Led by trained Singing for Lung Health practitioner James Moriarty, this group was designed to help people with chronic lung conditions to manage feelings of breathlessness whilst taking part in a fun, social activity in a friendly environment. A typical session began with a vocal and physical warm up to practice breathing techniques before learning and singing some well-known songs.

The sessions took place online via Zoom.

How does singing benefit your breathing?

Research from the BLF (British Lung Foundation) has shown that there are three main ways that singing can help people with chronic lung conditions:

  • teaching you to breathe more slowly and deeply
  • improving the sense of control over your breathing, reducing anxiety and panic
  • improving your posture to help you breathe

James Moriarty

James Moriarty is a musical facilitator based in London. His work harnesses the power of co-creativity to produce rich musical experiences and build musical communities. Driven by a belief that everyone has the right to engage in creative activity he leads projects ranging from work in schools to collaborations with fellow artists. This work is informed by a commitment to co-creation, to the power of the voice, and the social value of musical participation.