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Self-Isolate | Create | Animate

Interested in making your own music? Why not take part in our Self-Isolate | Create | Animate challenge! There are four tasks to choose from, each designed to support you in creating your own compositions.

We would love to hear and share your creative responses to the tasks! Please email them to L&PEnquiries@trinitylaban.ac.uk.

Task One: Making a composition based on a motif with Joe Browne

Task Two: Using Leitmotifs in a Composition with Alistair Walker

Task Three: Creating a Composition Based on an Artwork with Jason Rowland

Task Four: Understanding the Role of Chance in Composition with Sarah Freestone

Looking for some inspiration to help you get started? Self-Isolate | Create | Animate was first launched in June 2020, and you can view some of the responses that we have received so far below.