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Zeph Churchill

Creative Music Making Alum


When I signed up to the Creative Music Making course, I could not have imagined where it would lead me in life! I found a new musical confidence and enthusiasm through expert and inspiring tuition. I have been able to implement practical skills such as improvisation, harmonising, composing, and arranging and the ability to confidently collaborate with some incredible musicians. The course has inspired me to start a successful choir and go on to win awards for composition. The encouragement from Trinity Laban Tutors has been immeasurable and I’m grateful for the positive difference this has made in my own life and to the lives of others in in our community.

Zeph Churchill


Zeph Churchill has worked as a Nurse for 33 years with a specialism in Respiratory Medicine and completed the Creative Music Making course in 2019. Most surprisingly for her tutors she arrived with a ukulele and set of spoons for the residential week!

Zeph strongly believes that music must be accessible for and to everyone and on completion of the Creative Music Making course she started a community choir which has grown to a membership of 125 through Zeph’s enduring belief that ‘everyone can sing’.

By teaching singing and breathing technique and with her passion for music and her vocation as a Nurse, she is seeing health improvements in those with respiratory problems, long covid, bereavement, mental health difficulties, loneliness, and poverty. Several local patients are now socially prescribed into the choir for the benefit of singing and community.

Since completing the Creative Music Making course, Zeph has won a BBC award for song writing, was placed in the top 10 Classic FM Carol competition for an original carol performed by the Spalding Community Choir, and has recently won an award for fundraising, building community and making a positive difference through music in Lincolnshire.

Sing for the King!

The Spalding ‘Sing for the King’ project began when my choir asked if I would write something for the Coronation. The choir collaborated by giving me their words to describe the upcoming coronation. We were delighted to be joined by a local primary school and the anthem was performed by 120 singers aged 7-90 years old. We all enjoyed this project which I would not have had the courage or knowledge to do without having completed the Creative Music Making course. We sent a recording to His Majesty The King!