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If you are interested in using the Laban Library, please read the FAQ below and contact us to make an enquiry.

Where is the Laban Library located?

Laban Library, the library of the Faculty of Dance, is located in the Laban Building, Creekside, London, SE8 3DZ. Click here for directions.

May the public use the Laban Library?

Yes, the research collections of the Laban Library are open to all those who are engaged in research of any type and the library is also open to alumni of Trinity Laban. Reference only access to library collections is provided. External visitors must make an appointment in advance of visiting.

If you are a student or member of staff at another UK University, the most efficient way to arrange a visit is via the SCONUL Access Scheme. For some categories of students, such as current PhD students, this may also include the ability to borrow books. For further information, see the ‘What about members of other colleges and universities?’ section below.

We will do our best to accommodate visits but will prioritise those who wish to consult unique or rare, dance-related materials that are not available at other public-facing institutions, such as the British Library. We may restrict external visitor appointments during busy times.

Researchers wishing to consult material from the Laban Archive should email us at least two weeks in advance. They will be able to access the Laban Archive’s catalogue (available on-site) and select specific resources that they would like to see during a follow-up appointment. The requested material will then be retrieved in advance of their second visit. We will also provide one additional retrieval on the day of visitors’ appointment.

We regret that we cannot undertake research into the Archive on enquirers’ behalf, and in many instances do not have details of the rightsholders of items in the collections, which may limit the ability to produce copies.

Contact the Laban Library to make an appointment to access the collection and for details of requirements currently in place.

I’ve graduated from Trinity Laban. Can I still use the Laban Library?

Trinity Laban alumni are welcome to use Laban Library free of charge on a reference-only basis. This means you can consult the books, journals and DVDs, and many of our online resources within the library. You will not be able to borrow items, including AV/IT equipment, or access online resources from home.

To use the library, contact us in advance, go to Reception at the faculty and let them know you would like to use the library. You will be asked to sign in. Further information can be found under FAQs for Alumni section of this website.

What about members of other colleges and universities?

If your institution is a member of SCONUL Access, you can apply to use the Laban Library at no additional charge and may be able to borrow a limited number of items.

SCONUL Access enables staff and postgraduate students to borrow a small number of items from other higher education libraries within the scheme, and also allows undergraduate students to use other libraries for reference purposes.

Register online for the SCONUL Access scheme in advance, book a time to visit our library, and remember to bring your institutional ID and a copy of your ‘SCONUL Access approved’ email when visiting us. We advise you to check our opening hours before visiting, particularly during vacations.

If you attend an institution that is not part of SCONUL Access, you can still book a visit to use Laban Library on a reference-only basis.

May I borrow from the library?

Unless you are a current student or staff member of Trinity Laban, you cannot borrow items from Laban Library. This includes AV/IT equipment such as cameras and laptops. However, if there is a specific item you wish to borrow, you may be able to do so through the Inter-Library Loan scheme. Please contact your local public or academic library for more information.

If you are a current student or member of staff at another Higher Education institution, certain bands of SCONUL Access visitors may be able to borrow a small number of items from Laban Library. Please visit the SCONUL Access website for further details.

How can I find out what’s in stock at the library?

Search the Laban Library catalogue. Viewing the details of an item will confirm whether or not a copy is currently available.

Can I make photocopies or scans?

  • Material can be copied for study purposes within the limits of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.
  • Guest copy cards are available from the library issue desk for external visitors.
  • Charges per side of printing are 6p (A4) and 12p (A3) for black and white copies. Colour prints are 40p (A4) and 80p (A3) per side of printing.
  • Free scanning is available using our Multi-Function Devices.  
  • Visitors can use their own devices to take images, in line with the copyright restrictions above.  

I’d like to donate some books/archives to the Laban Library. Is this possible?

We are always happy to consider donations. Please email a list to We will add suitable items to stock, and may sell any items we do not add, then invest the income into further resources. Please note that we require donors to be able to deliver the material to the Laban building.

You haven’t answered my question

If your question isn’t answered here or elsewhere on the website, please contact us with your enquiry by emailing or calling +44 (0)20 8305 9333.