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This section covers information on the institution’s strategy and management of human resources, rather than information relating to individual members of staff which is exempt from disclosure under the Data Protection Act.

Equal Opportunities infomation

Employment and Employee Relations

The Institution considers that its most important resource is its staff and has specific policies and procedures relating to:

  • Induction
  • Probation
  • Recruitment
  • Conditions of Employment: working hours, duties, salary scales, pension scheme
  • Staff Development and Training 
  • Negotiations with Trade Unions and Staff/Student Associations
  • Disputes and Complaints:grievance procedures, harassment procedures, staff/student relations 
  • Staff Discipline
  • Health and Safety
  • Declaration of Interests
  • Public Interest Disclosure (“Whistleblowing”)
  • Stress Management
  • Policy for smoking, misuse of illegal substances and alcohol
  • Use of resources/IT
  • Data Protection
  • Working from Home
  • Maternity Leave and Pay
  • Sickness Leave and Pay
  • Fraud Response
  • Staff Expenses
  • Redundancy
  • Job Vacancies

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Equal Opportunities

Trinity Laban is committed to creating a culture in which diversity and equality of opportunity are promoted actively and in which discrimination is not tolerated. Trinity Laban recognises the educational and business benefits of having a diverse community of staff and students and to this end is working towards building and maintaining an environment which values diversity.

Trinity Laban believes in principles of social justice, acknowledges that discrimination affects people adversely, and is committed to challenge all forms of inequality. To meet this objective, Trinity Laban will aim to ensure that:

  • individuals are treated fairly, with dignity and respect regardless of their age, gender, marital status, disability, race, faith, belief, social or economic background, sexual orientation, or any other immaterial distinction;
  • everyone is given the opportunity to fulfil their potential;
  • it promotes an inclusive and supportive environment for staff, students and visitors;
  • it recognizes the various contributions to the achievement of Trinity Laban’s mission made by individuals form diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of experiences.

This policy applies to all staff and students of Trinity Laban as well as visitors and to other clients of the Institution and to those contracted to undertake work on behalf of the Institution. It is the responsibility of each member of staff (teaching and non-teaching), and of each student, to behave in accordance with the principles of this policy.

Further information is included in:

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