Careers in Dance

In this section you will find links to useful organisations and resources to help you find out about the various career options open to you.

Career options in dance
Information about the range of career options in dance and in the arts.

Graduate dance companies and apprenticeships
Information about postgraduate dance companies (Transitions, Verve, EDge, Mapdance, Emergence and Rambert2); dance company apprenticeships through London Contemporary Dance School and the Northern School of Contemporary Dance; JV2: Professional Development Diploma. 

Performance opportunities
Where to find auditions and links to useful organisations and resources relevant to a career in performance, including information about creating a show reel of dance work.

Funding and support 
Information about Arts Council England's Grants for the Arts funding programme and about where to look for other sources of funding.

Artist development and commissioning opportunities 
Details of some of the commissioning and professional development opportunities available to dance artists and choreographers.

Dance teaching and education work
Useful information for dance teachers and leaders.

Employability skills
Help in recognising the skills developed through your programme of study.

Into the future 

Careers advice for leavers

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