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If your child is enrolled on our children’s dance programme, see below for important information, including class timetables, fees, term dates and show dates & performance groups for 2022/23.


Carers & Preschoolers (2.5 – 3yrs)

ClassTimeClass LengthTeacherStudio
VB9.00am1hrVicki Busfield3
AR10.30am1hrAmy Robinson5
RN11.30am1hrRachel Newby12


4 – 5yrs

ClassTimeClass LengthTeacherStudio
SG9.00am45minsSarah Greener1
AR11.45am45minsAmy Robinson5
TI12.15pm45minsTarika Ingram1
RN1.00Pm45minsRachel Newby4


6 – 7yrs

ClassTimeClass LengthTeacherStudio
KS9.00am1hrKit Smith4
SG11.00am1hrSarah Greener1
TI1.15pm1hrTarika Ingram1
RN2.00pm1hrRachel Newby4


8 – 9yrs

ClassTimeClass LengthTeacherStudio
AR9.00am1hrAmy Robinson11
SG10.00am1hrSarah Greener1
KS11.30am1hrKit Smith4
TI2.30pm1hrTarika Ingram1


10 – 11yrs

ClassTimeClass LengthTeacherStudio
NG9.15am1hrNatalie Gibbs9
KS10.15am1hrKit Smith4
VB11.45am1hrVicki Busfield3
AR1.00pm1hrAmy Robinson3


12 – 14yrs

ClassTimeClass LengthTeacherStudio
VB10.15am1hr 25minsVicki Busfield3
NG12.15pm1hr 25minsNatalie Gibbs2



Autumn Term: 13 WeeksSpring Term: 11 WeeksSummer Term: 11 Weeks
C&Ts£151£117 no classes 25 Mar£117 no classes 1 Jul
4 - 5yrs£141£120£120
6 - 7yrs£152£129£129
8 - 9yrs£152£129£129
10 - 11yrs£152£129£129
12 - 14yrs£183£155£155


Discounted fees are available for children in receipt of Free School Meals.  Limited availability.  For more information and to email your Certificate of Eligibility for Free School Meals contact us at shortcourses@trinitylaban.ac.uk.


Term Dates, Show Dates & Performance Groups

Autumn Term

Saturday 10 September – Saturday 10 December 2022

No classes Saturday 29 October 2022

Spring Term

Saturday 7 January – Saturday 25 March 2023

No classes Saturday 18 February 2023

No Carers & Preschoolers classes Saturday 25 March 2023

Spring Show: Saturday 25 March 2023

Summer Term

Saturday 15 April – Saturday 1 July 2023

No classes Saturday 27 May 2023

4-5 years Sharing: Saturday 24 June 2023

No Carers & Preschoolers classes Saturday 1 July 2023

Summer Show: Saturday 1 July 2023

Performance Groups

All children in our 6-7 years classes and above will perform in either the Spring or Summer Show in the Laban Theatre.  Rehearsals take place in the daytime, with performances to parents/carers in the mid/late afternoon.

Classes allocated to either the Spring or Summer will be shared during the Autumn Term.

4-5 years perform in the Summer Term in class time in the Studio Theatre.


Spring ShowSaturday 25 March 2023Classes Performing
6-7 years SG | 11.00am | Sarah Greener
6-7 years TI | 1.15pm | Tarika Ingram
8-9 years SG | 10.00am | Sarah Greener
8-9 years KS | 11.30am | Kit Smith
8-9 years TI | 2.30pm | Tarika Ingram
10-11 years NG | 09.15am | Natalie Gibbs
10-11 years KS | 10.15am | Kit Smith
Summer ShowSaturday 1 July 2023Classes Performing
6-7 years KS | 09.00am | Kit Smith
6-7 years RN | 2.00pm | Rachel Newby
8-9 years AR | 09.00am | Amy Robinson
10-11 years VB | 11.45am | Vicki Busfield
10-11 years AR | 1.00pm | Amy Robinson
12-14 years VB | 10.15am | Vicki Busfield
12-14 years NG | 12.15pm | Natalie Gibbs
4-5 years SharingSaturday 24 June 2023Classes Performing
4-5 years SG | 9.00am | Sarah Greener
4-5 years AR | 11.45am | Amy Robinson
4-5 years TI | 12.15pm | Tarika Ingram
4-5 years RN | 1.00pm | Rachel Newby


Carers and Preschoolers classes do not participate in performances and do not have classes on show dates.


Priority booking for families of participants involved in the Spring Show is from Mon 30 Jan – Fri 24 Feb.

Priority booking can only be purchased by calling the Box Office on 020 8463 0100. Please provide your child’s name(s) when making your booking.

You may purchase two tickets per family (two tickets for one show or one ticket per show). Additional tickets may be purchased when general sale opens on Mon 27 Feb, subject to availability.

Any unsold tickets from priority booking will be released to the general public from Mon 27 Feb.

General sale tickets may be purchased online or over the phone. General sale tickets cannot be purchased online before 27 Feb.

General sale tickets may be purchased via the Box Office online or by calling 020 8463 0100.

Box Office opening hours are Mon-Fri 10.00-17.00.

More information and Covid measures

When dancing with us please follow our Covid-19 Guidelines for Participants.

Should future government restrictions impact the running of our full studio dance class programme;

  • We may need to limit class capacity. In this instance, we will alternate classes in short blocks. Families will receive a proportionate refund.
  • We may need to reduce the number of classes operating at one time. In this instance, we may offer alternative classes or be forced to cancel and refund some sessions.
  • We may need to deliver classes digitally, using an online platform.

Please see our Terms & Conditions.


Centre for Advanced Training

The Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) offers young people aged 12-17 with exceptional talent and potential the opportunity to access high quality dance training.

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Dance Ability

Weekly movement, play and creative dance sessions for disabled children and their siblings.


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